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Learning English in Small Groups in the Great, Rich Outdoors!

English in the Woods

Our Mission

Our pop-up English language day camps and schools create a relaxed immersive learning environment that is creative and stimulating for children aged 8-12 in Abruzzo and Rome.  We use a combination of art, cooking, games, traditional learning, an obstacle race and a picnic each day to provide the variety and dynamics that children require to thrive when learning English.

English in the Woods was created in the midst of the pandemic, recognising that the best environment to learn English for children was outside, having fun, and learning new words organically with an emphasis on speaking and fluency.


Who is English in the Woods?

Samantha Dunham is a British TEFL Teacher who splits her time between Abruzzo and Rome.  She taught English to Foreign Students in Barcelona and London as well as History of Art to Japanese university foundation students. She combines English in the Woods with keeping her English language blog and community, Life In Abruzzo and works as a web content creator to clients in Italy, UK, USA and Jamaica.

She quickly realised from the experience of her son’s class, that Italian children learning English in state schools rarely had the opportunity to practice their conversational English. An imaginative, fun way was required that would allow them to grow their confidence in speaking and improve their fluency and listening skills.