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A familiar subject through different eyes. We looked at the book, Through the Apennines and the Lands of Abruzzi by British artist and author Estella Canziani, and tried to emulate her style! We brainstormed what could be found in the local houses of the early 20th century in Scorrano, from jewellery to ghouls, nuns, sheep, sunlight and drew the answers!

Outdoor English Language Camps

English in the Woods creates outdoor pop-up English language camps and an online conversation club for groups of up to 15 children in Abruzzo and Lazio of primary school age.

The emphasis is on small intimate outdoor classes that children feel comfortable speaking in.

Each day combines traditional language learning that is further stimulated and inspired through art, cooking, a little sport and a daily picnic.

The idea of the pop-ups was to bring children into forgotten Abruzzo villages.  Instead of seeing a dying village they see it as a place to learn and have fun and create a long-term relationship with it.

Our Teramo hub is the rich outdoor educational environment, Il Borgo degli Gnomi that sits just outside Teramo, where in the Summer of 2023 we will be enjoying our 3rd year!

Next Date!

The Extraordinary Explorers
Monday 12th  – Friday 16th June, 09.00-13.30,  The Extraordinary Explorers Camp  at Il Borgo degli Gnomi, €220 per child, sibling discount offered!  To book contact, Il Borgo degli Gnomi.

Our  Spring Conversation Club will continue till the June 8th 2023!  Watch out for autumn dates!

If you would like to host a day camp or weekend for local children in Abruzzo or Lazio do get in touch!

From €180 per child for 25 hours